Shocking Video Shows California Cop Choking And Tasing 12-Year-Old Boy

An incredibly disturbing video of a police officer violently choking and tasing a 12-year-old boy in Fullerton, California, has surfaced, and it would appear to be the latest shocking incident of police abuse of power and brutality.

Witnesses report that the 12-year-old boy, identified only as “Joshua” because he’s a minor, was skateboarding with friends on Saturday afternoon when he was approached by an officer and ordered to “get in the car.” The child asked why, and the officer’s response is nothing short of chilling, like something out of a Hollywood film:

“You don’t want to get dropped.”

Then, according to witnesses, the boy tried to move away from the officer. They allege that the policeman began to punch “Joshua” in the back and face several times. One of the witnesses then began to film the assault.

When the video begins, you can see the officer has the boy in a chokehold, which has been known to lead to death when used. The cop then tases the child in the back as the boy screams. Seconds later, video shows the police officer tasing the boy for a second time.

Was there a reason for the officer’s actions against this defenseless young boy? Again, the witnesses say the cop never told them why he wanted the boy to get into his patrol car. They added that “Joshua” was not, to the best of their knowledge, doing anything wrong or even remotely illegal.

Now please allow me a personal note: If a police officer ever attacks my child in this manner, I can guarantee you I will not rest until he or she is fired, disgraced in public, and sued for every dime he or she has. The way police treat those they police must change, and that change must start now. Otherwise, we will never be able to trust those who enforce the law. And down that path lies anarchy.

Watch This Disturbing Video

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