Something BIG Is About To Break In The Russia Probe: DETAILS

The midterm election is now just a week away, and there are reports the investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller is nearing a conclusion. That means we can expect a lot of activity in the form of indictments and plea agreements beginning on November 7 and continuing through the remainder of the year.

Just this week, we were handed some new information which suggests Mueller is putting the squeeze on longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone by assisting the Justice Department in arranging for the extradition of WikiLeaks founder/ international fugitive Julian Assange. Reuters reported Monday that Ecuador — where Assange is currently living in exile — is on the verge of handing over Assange to the United States:

“WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said on Monday that Ecuador is seeking to end his asylum in its London embassy and hand him over to the United States, but a judge rejected his lawsuit over embassy living conditions.”

Granted, Assange is known to fabricate things in order to gain sympathy and donations, but if an indictment is handed down by one of Mueller’s grand juries with the names Roger Stone and Julian Assange on it, Ecuador would be placed in a difficult bind. Do they dare anger the most powerful nation in the world in order to protect Julian Assange? Is Assange worth such a gamble? Ecuador receives tens of millions in foreign aid from the U.S. each year. Are they willing to risk losing that money?

Let’s say Assange is indicted and handed over. If he chooses to save his own skin — (and why wouldn’t he? He has no allegiance to Stone or Donald Trump) — and testify as to what he knows about the 2016 election and Russia, that could wind up being the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back for Trump. Assange can corroborate exactly what assistance Russia gave Trump to assure he won the presidency and what the Russians wanted in exchange.

Once the election is over with — no matter who wins and winds up in control Congress — Mueller and his team are going to play their final cards. The investigation is already so far along that Trump cannot hope to shut it down, no matter what he does.

Robert Mueller is getting ready to expose the treachery and lies of Donald Trump. Buckle up, because things are about to start moving at light speed.

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