Texas Police Chief Used His Position To Solicit And Stalk Several Underage Girls

The police chief of Maypearl, Texas, has been placed on administrative leave while the Texas Rangers investigate whether or not he used his position to solicit and stalk several underage girls.

A search warrant was served on Kevin Coffey, who allegedly began sending sexually explicit messages to one girl–who was 14 at the time–via Facebook. The unidentified girl, who is now 16, told authorities that Coffey invited her to his office late at night and showed up at her home in both his personal and official police vehicles. She also alleges that Coffey permitted her to use police equipment, view confidential files and police video, and operate computers, lasers, and weapons, which the chief kept in his patrol car.

The girl also said the police chief contacted her almost daily, making sexual comments about her “ass,” body and breasts. She further alleged that Coffey would pull her over, or threaten to pull her over in order to “fu*k with” her.

One of the messages Coffey sent to the girl reads:

“I’ll cuff you and put you on the hood again and smack that ass lol.”

Another message the girl showed to investigators contained a photo of a remote area and this note:

“Had a nice location all picked out to stop you and everything lol.”

The girl also told authorities that she knew at least five other underage girls who had been harassed in a similar fashion by Chief Coffey.

According to the search warrant, which was issued on July 13, investigators believe that Coffey is hiding evidence of his crimes within the Maypearl Police Department. The warrant applies to all computers, cell phones, cameras, messaging systems, and recording devices.

Coffey is accused of a several crimes, including Official Oppression, Misuse of Official Information, Online Solicitation of a Minor, Stalking, Harassment and Tampering With Evidence.

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