Tom Cotton Says Trump Doesn’t Have To Concede Because Democrats Were Mean To Him

According to Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), President Donald Trump is completely justified in his refusal to concede that he lost the 2020 election because Democrats were mean to him and dared to open an investigation into whether or not the 2016 Trump campaign conspired with Russia to make sure he won.

Cotton was a guest on “Fox & Friends,” and that’s when he made his outrageous claim, alleging that there were “troubling instances of fraud” in the 2020 election, which Joe Biden won by a wide margin. Election officials of both parties have certified that there was no fraud that would have changed the outcome of the most recent balloting, adding:

“They are still counting votes in Arizona. They’re gonna do a manual recount in Georgia. There are lawsuits filed in other states like Pennsylvania and Michigan. I think we have the time to let the president pursue all of these remedies.”

And then the Arkansas senator tried to make an analogy between the Russia investigation and the current recalcitrance being evidenced by Trump:

“Democrats in 2016 never really did concede. They immediately moved to the fake Russia collusion hoax and tried to undermine the legitimacy of the president’s first term. So I think we have more than enough time to reach an orderly resolution using existing legal procedures to ensure that every legal vote counts and no illegal votes are counted.”

Bullshit! Hillary Clinton conceded even though in states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, she lost to Trump by smaller margins than Biden beat the president by this time. She also garnered almost 3 million more ballots in the popular vote. Currently, Biden leads Trump in the popular vote by over 5 million! That’s a gigantic number and cannot be ignored. Neither can his lead in the Electoral College, where he holds a commanding 290-217 advantage.

The time has come for Trump and the rest of his party to acknowledge that he lost and Joe Biden is the president-elect. There are no facts to contradict that conclusion. Then the country can move forward and consign Donald Trump to the ash heap of history where he so rightly belongs.

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