Joe Biden Supremely Trolls Trump With ‘We Just Did’ Response To Red MAGA Hats

For four years, we’ve seen them at every Trump rally: The red MAGA (“Make America Great Again”) cap. The phrase was stolen from Ronald Reagan’s 1980 campaign, which should come as no surprise since Donald Trump has never had an original thought in his entire life.

But now President-elect Joe Biden has a hat of his own, and it’s some of the best trolling you’ll ever see, as Dr. Jill Biden proudly announced with this photo she posted on Twitter:

Take a closer look at that cap the president-elect is wearing. Let’s zoom in:

Yep, the cap reads: “We Just Did,” and beneath it is the number 46, for 46th President of the United States.

Not only is that awesome trolling, it also puts Biden one up on Trump in the merchandise wars, as Cam Wolf noted in GQ:

“While many have attempted to riff on the success of Trump’s original — including Trump himself, who released ‘Keep America Great’ caps this election cycle to much less fanfare—none were able to capture the prominence of the first. Biden’s hat works because it treats Trump’s message as incomplete and supplies a new ending.”

The Biden team has been repeatedly crushing it when it comes to merch, rolling out T-shirts that millions are dying to get their hands on:

“While the first presidential debate—the one dominated by Trump interruptions—was still in progress, Biden’s team started selling tees printed with the retort, ‘Will You Shut Up, Man’ ‘Will you shut up, man?’ was merch gold because it accurately reflected what so many voters—75 million and counting—were feeling at the time. Biden’s hat does the same thing, so maybe what’s most surprising is that it’s not (yet) for sale—for now at least, it’s like an NBA star’s pair of player-exclusive sneakers.”

So the next time a Trumper tries to insist that we need to “make America great again,” remind them that the minute we dumped Donnie, we did exactly that.

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