Trump Abandons GOP Senate Candidates To Try And Save His Own A*s: ‘I Don’t Want To Help’ Them

Now that he can sense that Senate Republicans are headed for a massive loss, Donald Trump has decided to cut them loose and try to save his own ass.

The Washington Post reports that Trump told donors at a fundraising event held recently at the Nashville Marriott that it will be “very tough” for the GOP to keep the upper body of Congress:

“I think the Senate is tough actually. The Senate is very tough.”

But it was what the president said next that makes it clear he has no intention of helping those struggling GOP Senate candidates who are facing fored retirement:

“There are a couple senators I can’t really get involved in. I just can’t do it. You lose your soul if you do. I can’t help some of them. I don’t want to help some of them.”

He can’t get involved. He can’t help some of them. He doesn’t want to help others. He’s washing his hands of his Senate allies and enablers. For the rest of the campaign, he’s only in it for himself.

Of course, we knew this day would eventually come. Donald Trump would sell his own children and grandchildren into slavery if he thought it would guarantee him a second term in the White House and keep him from having to answer for his crimes.

What’s most amazing, however, is that Republicans didn’t plan for this day. They have no fallback plan, and many of them have tied their fortunes so tightly to Trump that his electoral demise is pulling them under the proverbial quicksand.

As you’d expect, the GOP is trying to pretend everything is fine, with Jesse Hunt, a spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, using the age-old right-wing tactic of fear to try and spin what’s happening to candidates his committee is trying to get reelected:

“Nancy Pelosi has turned the House into a liberal nightmare and if Chuck Schumer gets control of the Senate, he’ll do the same thing.”

Donald Trump is done with the GOP. And the GOP is now the Party of Trump. Two such malevolent and noxious forces deserve each other and deserve the fate they’re headed for.

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