Joe Biden Just Destroyed Trump With The Most Devastating Trolling Of The 2020 Campaign

If you watched the final presidential debate on Thursday evening, then you saw that President Donald Trump wanted to talk about anything but how he’s mishandled the coronavirus pandemic, which has claimed the lives of 225,000 Americans on his watch.

At one point, Joe Biden turned to Trump and made it clear he holds the president responsible for every single American who has died from COVID-19, telling the incumbent:

“Anyone responsible for that many deaths should not remain as the president of United States of America.”

Trump, in contrast, tried to suggest that the entire topic of the virus had been featured too prominently in the debate and urged Americans to move on from the horrific death toll:

“We are rounding the corner. It’s going away.

“There are some spikes and surges in other places. They will soon be gone.”

However, the president presented no new ideas or plans for how to deal with COVID, claiming that increased testing was responsible for a rise in cases across the nation.

Now, however, the Biden campaign has expertly demolished Trump and his failure to control the virus with a tweet that is simultaneously brilliant and utterly devastating:

When you click on the link, you’re redirected to a page which lays out the Trump COVID-19 plan and reads:


“The Trump plan to defeat the Coronavirus and reopen safely does not exist.”

Now that’s what you call savage.

Twitter users loved the masterful trolling job Biden had just pulled off:

Memo to Joe Biden: Whatever you’re paying your digital campaign team, it’s not nearly enough. They’re freaking killing it.

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