Trump Claims He’s ‘Not Proud’ Children Are Now Mimicking His Deportation Rantings

As a father, I know that children are incredibly impressionable. They imitate what they see and hear, especially when they see an adult doing it. And that’s what makes the rise of Donald Trump even more troubling: Children hear his hate and then repeat it to other children.

In recent months, there have been numerous reports across the country of children telling their Hispanic classmates they will be deported if Trump is elected President. And a school district in Virginia has confirmed that a third grade student was told by classmates that Trump would kick him and his family out of the United States.

This morning on MSNBC, NPR’s Cokie Roberts asked Trump directly about these incidents:

“There have been incidents of children, of white children, pointing to their darker-skinned classmates and saying, ‘You’ll be deported when Donald Trump is president.’ There have been incidents of white kids at basketball games holding up signs to teams which have Hispanic kids on them, saying, ‘We’re going to build a wall to keep you out.’ Are you proud of that? Is that something you’ve done in American political and social discourse that you’re proud of?”

Trump, being the massive douchebag lying dillhole asshat of a human being he is and will be until the day he dies, tried to deny the reality of such happenings and said he had no knowledge of incidents like the one in Virginia. Of course, the things Trump has no knowledge or understanding of could fill the Grand Canyon 500 times over. Then he attempted to blame Roberts for doing her job and asking him a serious question:

“I think your question’s a very nasty question. And I’m not proud of it because I didn’t even hear of it, OK? And I certainly do not like it at all when I hear about it. You’re the first one whose told me about that.”

To her credit, Roberts refused to relent, telling Trump:

“But what about the children, Mr. Trump?”

Trump, still refusing to answer a very legitimate question, replied:

“I think America is right now very, very troubled. I think we’re being laughed at all over the world.”

We certainly are, and that troubles and laughter you hear, Mr. Trump, can be laid at your feet for the hatred you have suddenly given voice and legitimacy to.

Face it, America: Donald Trump is a cancer on this country–and the future of our republic–and must be defeated at any cost.

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