Trump Gets Thoroughly Mocked After He Fails To Hide His Bald Spot During Monday Presser

If you saw any of President Donald Trump’s daily coronavirus briefing on Monday, then you probably know that he was in rare form, speaking in incomplete sentences, rambling on endlessly, and at times making even less sense than he usually does.

But some eagle-eyed Trump watchers noticed something else: Trump’s bald spot was in plain view in a way it hasn’t been in years:

Gotta admit, that does look quite different for the Trump coif. Has he lost more hair in recent months and we just didn’t notice until now?

Twitter was filled with takes on the partial Trump chrome dome:

Poor poor Donnie. He’s failing at everything, including hiding the fact that he’s just a few strands of limp, lifeless hair away from looking like Uncle Fester, who would still be a better president than the Donald.

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