Delusional Donald Claims He’s More Popular Than Obama And Gets Pelted With Internet Karma

Donald Trump is struggling to find a ray of sunshine amidst the downpour that is sinking him further in the national polls in a head-to-head matchup with Joe Biden, and he’s getting so desperate that he’s resorted to making up polling results that either don’t exist or are based on badly flawed methodology.

Bright and early Monday morning, Trump fired off this tweet:

Though it’s highly unlikely that 96 percent of Republicans still support a president who at times can hardly manage to walk and talk at the same, if it’s true, why not provide a link to the poll you’re citing? Probably because it doesn’t exist.

Then there’s the matter of a Rasmussen poll which shows him at 50 percent approval, but there’s a major problem with that, too: Rasmussen has almost no credibility whatsoever because it’s slanted towards Republicans. Their polling always takes more responses from self-identified Republicans than it does Democrats and Independents, meaning it always tilts to the right.

Oh, there’s also the glaring fact that Trump neglected to mention regarding the Rasmussen poll: It has him losing to Biden by a six-point spread, 48 to 42 percent.

As for Trump being more popular than Obama, that means nothing since Barack Obama isn’t running! He did his two terms in office, so to compare yourself to a man who isn’t running is the height of absurdity. Also, when Obama was reelected in 2012, over 158,00 Americans hadn’t died from a pandemic. And there weren’t nearly 40 million people unemployed.

All of this resulted in the Donald getting hit hard on social media for his magical (i.e. delusional) thinking:

Sorry, Donnie, but you aren’t fit to carry the jockstrap of Barack Obama. However, given your alleged proclivities for urine, you might just enjoy that particular gig.

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