Trump Is Reportedly ‘Anxious’ That Biden Will Choose Kamala Harris As His Running Mate

Sometime next week, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will announce who his running mate will be, and speculation is that the choice will come down to two very accomplished women: Former Obama administration National Security Adviser Susan Rice and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA).

Of those two, Rice is seen as the one that might be the hardest to sell, mainly because of her connection to the Benghazi attack which congressional Republicans held endless hearings to investigate.

Harris, on the other hand, is fiery, brilliant, a masterful speaker, and one of the brightest rising stars in the Democratic Party.

But Harris may have another added benefit that could tip the scales in her favor: Reportedly, Trump is afraid she’d be the most formidable opponent.

According to MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace, Trump is “anxious” that Harris will indeed get the pick as Biden’s VP.

On her show, “Deadline: White House” Thursday, Wallace explained why the president’s reelection campaign is right to be scared of the California senator:

“I know that normal candidates look for a partner to run the country should they win. I reported this earlier and I think it was misconstrued. The Trump organization views this as a casting for the vice presidential debate.

“My reporting suggests they’re most anxious about senator Kamala Harris, that she could chew up and spit out Mike Pence in a debate. Obviously that’s not the only criteria for Joe Biden. From the psychological impact that that choice would have on the Trump campaign, seems they’re already psyched out and they have the opposite frame around the more debates are more strategy for Donald Trump.”


From a completely objective point of view, Harris is the best choice for Biden. She has proven her ability to attack Trump and his administration on nearly every issue of concern to the American people and is a fierce competitor.

Also, since she represents California, she would be replaced by a Democratic governor, Gavin Newsom, and her successor would be a clear favorite to win a statewide special election against whoever Republicans choose.

But perhaps best of all, it appears that Harris scares Trump. That alone is reason enough to choose her.

One thought on “Trump Is Reportedly ‘Anxious’ That Biden Will Choose Kamala Harris As His Running Mate

  1. Joe Biden must pick a VP that has the interest of the country and the people. Also can stand up to pressure and criminal activity of all kind without flinching. Gives security and has knows how to respect the Oath of the Office they serve. No Yes man or women required. Hello Kamila Harris you have my pick..

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