Trump Supporter: The Donald’s Immigration Plan Means More Jobs For Whites, ‘And Some Of The Blacks’

If you thought Donald Trump’s big mouth would eventually lead to his downfall as he runs for the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination, it now appears that his supporters may be the ones that sink his political ship.

A perfect example of this was on display earlier today via CNN, where Trump cheerleader Terra Compton Grant declared that Trump’s plan to deport some 20 million immigrants would provide millions of more jobs for white folks “and some of the blacks.”

Did she really say that? Oh yes, and we even have it preserved for posterity via videotape.

Grant said she loves Trump’s newly-minted plan to deport millions and build a giant wall on U.S.-Mexico border which he insists he will make the Mexican government pay for:

“We’ve got to get a border, we’ve got to get a wall. We have a lot of illegal immigrants that come into this country, they work illegally, they make American money, and then they send it back to Mexico to support their family. So, that money is going back to Mexico. So, the money is there to make that happen.”

Grant also noted that Trump’s heart and mind are “in the right place.”

Which means that we have Breaking News: Donald Trump actually has a heart! Or so Ms. Grant maintains. Personally, I’m not convinced.

While she was passing out kisses to Trump on CNN, Grant added:

“I really do, I love the plan. I love the idea that, hey, let’s get some of these illegal immigrants out of the country, let’s get them out of here so maybe more whites who have not been able to acquire jobs, maybe they can get into jobs [and] some of the blacks.”

Notice she said “some of the blacks.” Which jobs did you have in mind for African-Americans, Ms. Grant, all of whom are just as much citizens of this country as you are? Will you let them have the jobs where they have to stand in the hot sun all day and pick produce? Or will they be relegated to cleaning your house and maintaining your lawn?

The people who support Donald Trump are, if Terra Compton Grant is any guide, just as bigoted and narrow-minded as he is. No wonder they love him with so much fervor.

Watch Ms. Grant On CNN

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3 thoughts on “Trump Supporter: The Donald’s Immigration Plan Means More Jobs For Whites, ‘And Some Of The Blacks’

  1. This was red meat for stupid people.. there will be NO wall, NO mass deportations, NO Trump Presidency… you were fooled into exposing yourself as a Party of Xenophobic racists, and guess what? You’re not going to get anything you want……..

  2. There is an American disease of the mind in which some people assume, incorrectly, that a big bank balance confers some sort of moral superiority, intelligence and ability. Whilst in some instances it may, it may just as well represent good fortune from an inheritance, unscrupulous business practices or even illicit criminal behavior.
    Trumps supporters suffer from this disease, despite the fact that the evidence shows that he fits into the later category, consider the facts:
    According to Bloomberg, Trump is worth 2.9 billion dollars, but had he invested his father’s money into mutual funds that tracked the S&P 500, he would be worth 8 billion dollars. His vain need to pretend to be a self made man, by pretending to be a competent businessman, has therefore effectively already lost his family 5.1 billion dollars before his presidential run. The truth is that the best he could claim up until now was that most of his companies were making money “slightly” faster than they were losing money, which is why only some of them went bankrupt. However, at this point, thanks to his vile bile and ego, none of his companies are making more than they’re losing. He’s getting into the toilet and the people of this world, rightly, have decided to flush

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