Trump Supporters Are Absolutely FURIOUS With Their Savior For Urging Americans To Wear A Mask

On Monday, not long after he announced that he would be restarting the daily Coronavirus Task Force meetings, Donald Trump finally got around to suggesting that it’s a good idea for Americans to wear a protective mask as a way of helping control spread of the deadly disease:

Granted, this came after the deaths of 140,00 Americans and an explosion of COVID-19 cases in at least 39 states, including Trump’s future home state, Florida, which is virtually overwhelmed with cases.

But still, progress is progress, and it’s good that Trump finally did something semi-responsible and we have to give him props for that, even if we aren’t exactly thrilled with the idea that he’s going to be droning on about how great he is and how we need to inject bleach to combat the virus.

However, not everyone was happy with what the president had to say about masks, and the MAGA faithful were enraged that the Donald had suddenly become a mask convert. They pelted him with scorn on his favorite social media platform:

Even a GOP Senate candidate in Oregon berated Trump:

Could Trump lose his core supporters over a mask? Considering how intellectually-challenged much of his so-called “base” is, expect the unexpected and the stupid to be in abundance.

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