Weeping Trump Supporter Tells Rush Limbaugh: ‘I Would Die For My President’

Those who most fervently support Donald Trump no matter what he says or does can’t really be considered mere followers or supporters, if only because they forgive Trump anything and everything, even when the facts clearly prove that he’s lying. That being said, consider some of the signs that you’re in a cult, courtesy of […]

Trump Supporters Are At Each Other’s Throats Over Whether Or Not He Should Concede

There’s no joy in MAGA land these days, as faithful supporters of President Donald Trump face the cold reality that in a couple of months, their political savior will longer be in the White House and they’ll have to move on. But there’s one issue that Trump supporters vehemently disagree on: Should he concede and […]

Enraged ‘Trumpstock’ Attendees Call For ‘Civil War’ If Donald Loses The 2020 Election

In Golden Valley, Arizona, not so long ago, they held something they call “Trumpstock,” a ragtag collection of those who consider Donald Trump to be their political savior. Those who showed up for the event say they don’t appreciate the tags that get attached to them as supporters of a controversial president, the New York […]

Trump Supporters Now Claiming He Contracted COVID After Someone ‘Planted It’ On Him

On Saturday, we learned that President Donald Trump had endured a difficult 24 hours since first being diagnosed with COVID-19 and eventually taken to Walter Reed Army Hospital on Friday evening, with his doctors seeming to suggest that the president had been on supplemental oxygen during the night but was no longer receiving help with […]

Trump Gets Utterly Humiliated By The Pathetic Turnout For His Tampa Airport ‘Rally’

Absolutely nothing is going right for Donald Trump these days. He’s way behind in the polls, his campaign has stopped buying airtime for TV ads, and the Gross Domestic Product for the U.S. economy dropped a staggering 32.9 percent over the past three months, the largest fall in history, surpassing even the Great Depression. So, […]

Bizarre Painting By Trump-Worshiping Artist Gets Thoroughly Mocked On Social Media

The people who fervently support Donald Trump no matter what he says or does are unique in the way they willfully overlook the truth about him and instead pretend he’s some sort of demigod sent by the almighty to right all the perceived wrongs that conservatives see when they look around them. Of course, facts […]

Trump Supporters Are Absolutely FURIOUS With Their Savior For Urging Americans To Wear A Mask

On Monday, not long after he announced that he would be restarting the daily Coronavirus Task Force meetings, Donald Trump finally got around to suggesting that it’s a good idea for Americans to wear a protective mask as a way of helping control spread of the deadly disease: We are United in our effort to […]