Trump’s Lawsuits And Recounts Prove He Lost By An Even Larger Margin Than First Believed

It’s been 25 days since the 2020 election was held, and Donald Trump is still losing to Joe Biden by a massive margin.

In the popular vote, Biden holds an enormous advantage of over 6 million ballots. He also leads where it matters most, the electoral vote, 306 to 232.

But to hear Trump, his attorneys, and his surrogates tell it, there’s still a chance that the incumbent president will be able to overcome the gigantic deficit and win a second term in office, even though they cannot explain how that might happen.

As if all that isn’t conclusive enough, new recounts in states such as Georgia and Wisconsin are proving that Trump actually lost by more than was first believed.

Such is the case in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Mediaite reports:

“The Trump campaign’s recount strategy in Wisconsin has not exactly paid off. In fact, its $3 million investment to re-tabulate the votes in two of that state’s most-populous counties has only netted it 132 more votes so far — for President-elect Joe Biden.

“According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinelthe requested recount in Milwaukee County has now been completed and resulted in 125 additional votes for Donald Trump, but 257 more for Biden. The process of recounting the county’s nearly 460,000 votes took nearly a week.”

Before the recount, Biden had 317,270 votes to Trump’s 134,357. But now the total shows Biden with 317,527 votes and Trump with 134,482.

Ouch! That’s gotta hurt.

And yet, Trump is still tweeting out bullshit like this:

Here’s the thing: Even if Joe Biden had won all 50 states and every last electoral vote, Donald Trump would still be claiming he was the winner. That’s because deep in his coal-black heart, he knows he’s a loser. And nothing will ever change that.

One thought on “Trump’s Lawsuits And Recounts Prove He Lost By An Even Larger Margin Than First Believed

  1. Perhaps it is high time Trump sucked that lemon. He is a disgrace to those Republicans from the GOP he was elected to serve. How sad for those that believed this liar. Guess like all others have lost loved one too This is all on the Mr Trumps leadership that has ignored this travesty. The virus is real The deaths and the sick and the exhausted are all the proof. If Trump had only done the right thing like countries that recognize the horror of this unrepentant Cov virus. Stop Trump from promoting his ridiculous lies. The lemon waits along with that long mirror for him and his groupers that have benefited from the ordinary taxpayers from whatever side to gaze and suck on.

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