Trump’s Multiple Failures Are Dragging Down Senate Republicans And The GOP Is Collapsing

Over the past two weeks, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong for Donald Trump, including the devastating New York Times report on his taxes, his disastrous performance in the first debate, and his hospitalization for treatment after he contracted the novel coronavirus and spread it to a still unknown number of others in the White House and at a fundraiser he held in New Jersey.

According to both FiveThirtyEight and Real Clear Politics, Joe Biden now has an 8.7 to nine point lead over Trump, and Biden has also cracked the 51 percent mark (he stands at 54 percent) in recent polls, the magic number which suggests a big victory for the Democratic nominee. Trump, on the other hand, is down to 39 percent support.

But the political damage isn’t limited to just Trump. He’s also dragging down the GOP, specifically Senate Republicans who are on the ballot this November.

G. Elliott Morris, is an elections forecaster and data journalist for The Economist, and his new polling model estimate gives Democrats a 71 percent chance of winning control of the Senate.

Morris also has a prediction on the presidential race, and it shows Trump is down to a pathetic 10 percent chance of winning the election.

Additionally, Morris’ data has Biden winning 341 electoral votes to Trump’s paltry 197. 270 electoral votes are needed to win the White House.

It has long been predicted that Republican subservience to and enabling of Donald Trump would come back to bite them. And now it looks like karma has indeed caught up with them and their leader.

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