Viral Video Of ‘The Chosen One’ Answering Questions About The Bible Is Lighting Up The Internet

On Friday, right before he left the White House for the G-7 summit in France, Donald Trump proudly declared that he was “the Chosen One,” telling reporters:

“Somebody had to do it. I am the chosen one.”

Now, of course, Trump claims his remark was “sarcasm,” as if we’re expected to believe he actually knows the meaning of sarcasm.

Here’s a word Trump should indeed be familiar with, because it describes him to a tee: HYPOCRITE.

A video has resurfaced from 2015 in which Trump is repeatedly asked questions about the Bible, which you would think “the Chosen One” would have responses to. But as HuffPost notes:

“In the 2015 interview on Bloomberg Politics that Twitter user @Caring_Atheist shared online Wednesday, Trump (who’d earlier called the Bible his favorite book) appears reluctant to reveal his favorite verses.

“’Because to me that’s very personal,’ Trump sidesteps. ‘You know, when I talk about the Bible it’s very personal so I don’t want to get into verses. The Bible means a lot to me but I don’t want to get into specifics.

“When asked if he’s a bigger fan of the Old Testament or the New Testament, Trump says he’s ‘probably equal.’

“’I think it’s just incredible, the whole Bible is incredible,’ he added.”

For those of you playing at home, what Trump actually revealed is that he has never read the Bible. Never ever. He says it’s the greatest book ever written because that’s what he thinks evangelicals want to hear. And they love him for it because they too are hypocrites.

Let the mocking begin!

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