WATCH: Cornered Paul Ryan Gets Testy When Reporter Asks About Release Of ‘Reckless’ Nunes Memo

Monday evening, despite warnings from the FBI and Department of Justice, the House Intelligence Committee, led by Trump lapdog Devin Nunes (R-CA), voted to release their controversial “memo” detailing alleged abuses by the nation’s premier law enforcement agency.

That same committee, however, refused to release a contradictory report which had been compiled by Democrats on the committee, indicating that Nunes and his fellow Republicans are engaged in a blatantly political and underhanded attempt to smear anyone who dares to investigate Donald Trump, i.e. Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

During his daily press briefing Tuesday morning, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan — who could order the Nunes memo to be withheld until the DOJ signs off on it — was asked by CNN reporter Manu Raju why it was OK to release the GOP memo but not the Democratic one. Ryan responded:

“I think we should disclose all this stuff. I think sources and methods we’ve gotta protect, no two ways about it for sure, 100 percent. But I think disclosure is the way to go. It’s the best disinfectant. And I think we need to disclose, that brings us accountability, that brings us transparency, that helps us clean up any problem we have with (the Justice Department) and FBI.”

Translation: How dare the FBI and DOJ investigate Donald Trump! Who in the hell do they think they are?

Ryan also claimed that the Democratic memo had not yet been properly vetted, so it would have to wait for that process to be completed.

When Raju followed up and wondered aloud if it might be fairer to release both memos simultaneously, the Speaker snapped at him:

“You’ve asked enough.”

What was THAT?! Can Ryan not handle a single follow-up question? Is that because he knows he has no logical response to the query?

Something stinks here, and it smells a lot like treason. Maybe we need a special counsel to take a look at Ryan, too.


One thought on “WATCH: Cornered Paul Ryan Gets Testy When Reporter Asks About Release Of ‘Reckless’ Nunes Memo

  1. Paul Ryan is just another slimy Trump toady who will lie and cover for any of the numerous crimes Trump has committed. I hope he rots in prison alongside his master.

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