WATCH: Hannity Guests Turn Into A Puddle Of Confusion When Forced To Discuss Trump’s ‘Pee Tape’

Thursday evening on Sean Hannity’s show, a discussion of the infamous “pee pee tape” reference in the Steele dossier turned bizarre and then unintentionally hilarious.

Hannity was the one who brought up the video, asking guest Jessica Tarlov this hypothetical question:

“Let’s say Donald Trump produces a memo that says Hillary Clinton had hookers in her room in a Ritz hotel in Moscow urinating on her bed. Now, if that was in there and it was not true ―and then it ends up being the basis in part for a FISA warrant against her used by Trump ― you’d be pretty pissed off and the media would be apoplectic tonight, true or false?”

Tarlov responded:

“Absolutely true. By the way, this is the only show that I’ve ever been able to talk about the pee tape on so that makes me really happy.”

That’s when fellow guest and Fox host Jesse Watters went downright crazy with the whole thing, commenting:

“And you know it’s not true because if someone pees in the bed, where are you going to sleep? Where are you going to sleep?”

The look on Tarlov’s face when Watters uttered that was priceless! She finally managed to reply:

“I don’t think he’s having a sleepover with them.”

Watters, however, would not relent, proving his massive ignorance by declaring:

“It’s obviously not true, that doesn’t make any sense.”

Tarlov finally shut down Watters by telling him:

“I think it’s transactional. I don’t think it’s a cuddlefest.”

Ya think? Is Jesse Watters really so stupid that he thinks the whole purpose of the interaction between the client and “service provider” is forever after? Or is he so pathologically predisposed to defend Donald Trump no matter what that he has to try and formulate such moronic statements?

Within minutes, Twitter exploded with commentary on the exchange:

Next on Hannity: Jesse Watters reveals how many times he was dropped on his head as a child. Stay tuned!


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