White House Adviser Stephen Miller Has A One-Way Ticket To Federal Prison

It’s been awhile since we last saw White House adviser Stephen Miller on television. He’s been keeping a low profile as he works to prevent anyone from immigrating to the United States for any reason whatsoever.

But as the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller continues to revolve in part around the theory that President Trump obstructed justice with his sudden firing of FBI Director James Comey in May of 2017, Miller has come back into the forefront for the special counsel’s prosecutors.

Miller was one of the insiders who helped Trump craft the letter stating exactly why Comey was being dismissed as head of the FBI. As the New York Times first reported in September of 2017:

“Mr. Trump [was] joined by a trio of advisers — his daughter Ivanka; his son-in-law Jared Kushner; and Mr. Miller.

“Mr. Miller and Mr. Kushner both told the president that weekend that they were in favor of firing Mr. Comey.

“Mr. Trump ordered Mr. Miller to draft a letter, and dictated his unfettered thoughts. Several people who saw Mr. Miller’s multi-page draft described it as a ‘screed.'”

Granted, Miller was merely doing his job when he agreed to write a draft of that controversial letter that led to Comey’s removal, but that defense won’t help him in a court of law, which is where he’s going to wind up in due time.

White House counsel Don McGahn later rewrote the Miller draft, making it more legalistic and less fiery, something that could be released to the public as a cover for the real motives Trump was giving Comey the boot: Because the FBI chief refused to go easy on disgraced National Security Adviser Michael Flynn or pledge his undying loyalty to Trump.

Miller has been interviewed by the Mueller team, but that was likely just a formality so prosecutors could determine just how deeply he was involved and to judge whether or not he was willing to commit perjury to protect the president. If he did lie, he’s toast. But what if he didn’t lie and was honest in his responses?

Well, as it turns out, if indeed Miller wrote that draft letter, he’s guilty of conspiring to obstruct justice. And that’s a federal crime.

So, Stephen Miller, stand up and take a bow. There’s an indictment waiting with your name on it, and attached to that indictment is a nice long prison term.

12 thoughts on “White House Adviser Stephen Miller Has A One-Way Ticket To Federal Prison

  1. When the big and tall tree up roots and fall, the vines, small trees stand side by side must follow to the ground with no return

    • i don’t care to hear the republican side of religion anymore than i care to hear it from a dem. this is america not church. the bible or its words contained are meaningless!

  2. The BIBLE still holds true, you have to be careful when digging a hole, for it might be you who end up in it. You REAP what you SOW.

    • Tell that to trump and the Republicans, that “kiss his ass”, daily. It’s always Party and businesses over country to which they did take an oath.
      Bible, Korans, Talbots, etc. and ALL religions have no place in our government.
      Furthermore, our country grows deeper in debt to cow-tow to the rich and business. We are a kleptocracy not a democracy. Churches, Moques, Snyogogues, etc. should not now nor ever had tax exempt status. They are first and foremost big businesses! When a country can’t pay its bills (we keep going deeper in debt for our children to pay, or the country collapses under the weight of the debt.) it’s time to get rid of unecessary exemptions and not take from those who have paid all their lives into Social Security and Medicare. Government IS supposed to take care of the people first. Our country is taking care of the rich and business first, i. e. the new tax cut for the rich and where do Republicans want to cut? Social Security and Medicare!

  3. That is so true, if u plan a grave for some one else u just might be digging for yourself. Y REAP WHAT U SOW. And the Bible don’t lie all that stuff u trying to cover up for Donald J Trump is coming back to u because u don’t lie on anyone to get what they want..

  4. This little weasel is even less likable than Ted Cruz. I can’t wait to learn that he is officially off to jail.

  5. It was Goodwin who, according to reports,
    advised Trump on the policy of separating asylum seeker’s from their children. kidnapping by any other name.

  6. The sad thing is that Stephan Miller will be a hero to most of the prisoners anywhere he does time. He’s an Aryan brotherhood thug in a three piece suit but stick him in prison clothes and get him tattooed and he’ll blend right in! I sure hope he’s a bottom, tho- cause he’s gonna spend a LOT of time facing his pillow and biting down.

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