Barr Gets Cold Busted Trying To Cook Up A ‘Thanksgiving Surprise’ To Counter Impeachment

Donald Trump is terrified of the public impeachment hearings which begin on Wednesday. If you doubt that, just take a quick look at his Twitter feed today, Veterans Day, when the entire country is supposed to be focused on the enormous sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform over the history of the United States.

Instead of honoring veterans, Trump was tweeting out this crap:

And now we know that Trump and his handpicked attorney general, William Barr, are trying to cook up a “Thanksgiving surprise” so they can change the subject from impeachment to pathetic cries of “treason!” as it pertains to the Russia investigation conducted by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller, according to the Washington Post:

“Justice Department officials are trying to release in the coming weeks a potentially explosive inspector general report about the FBI’s investigation into President Trump’s 2016 campaign, according to multiple people familiar with the effort.

“One person involved in the discussions said the target date for the report’s release has been Nov. 20, but another indicated that the Justice Department is unlikely to deliver it by then and that it is more likely to come after Thanksgiving because of the complicated and contentious mix of legal, classification and political issues at play.”

Keep in mind that Mueller conducted his investigation by the book, even going so far as to pass on indicting Trump because there was a DOJ memo saying a sitting president cannot be indicted. If he had wanted, Mueller could have taken that memo to court and won the right to issue as many indictments against Trump as he wanted.

Now we have Barr trying to give credence to right-wing conspiracy theories that have been repeated endlessly on Fox News even though there isn’t a shred of evidence to support them. Who needs facts when you have a clown like Sean Hannity to spin your lies each and every night?

Problem is, Barr was unable to keep his plan secret, so now we know it’s coming and, more importantly, we know it won’t do a damn bit of good when it comes to moving the focus from impeachment, which has nothing to do with the Mueller probe.

Nice try, Bill. But you’re busted.

2 thoughts on “Barr Gets Cold Busted Trying To Cook Up A ‘Thanksgiving Surprise’ To Counter Impeachment

  1. How much lower is this corruption to extend to? Wow Barr has made a real mockery of the position of AG. He needs a taste with some of the good guys in the federal prison. Hopefully he too shall have a cell partner and be hopeful there is no truth to the legacy of people getting murdered in prisons.

  2. The American Bar Association should take action and DISBAR BARR. There are so many things that are just fraught with lies. Every lawyer I have ever worked for have from time to time stretched the truth but NEVER did they bald-faced lie. Lawyers work hard for their degrees and most of them work even harder for their clients. Barr is making a mockery of being a lawyer.

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