Majority Of Americans Want Special Prosecutor For Trump-Russia Investigation

As the White House continues to issue denials, Donald Trump spins wild conspiracy theories on Twitter, and Congressional Republicans drag their feet on a real investigation, a new poll shows that the vast majority of Americans want to see a special prosecutor appointed to look into the connections between Trump, his campaign, and Russia. A […]

Former Russian Foreign Minister Says Kremlin Is Nervous Trump Will Soon Be Ousted

While many Americans are worried about the odd moves made by Donald Trump since he took the oath of office, it turns out that Russian officials are also starting to get jittery about how tenuous a grip on reality and power the so-called president seems to have a month into his administration. Former Russian Deputy […]

WATCH Kellyanne Conway Try To Minimize The Flynn Scandal And Get DESTROYED By Matt Lauer

Even though National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was forced to resign in disgrace after it was revealed that he had spoken with the Russian ambassador to the United States before Donald Trump even took office, administration officials are trying to act as if it’s no big deal. Nothing to see here, they seem to be […]

Rediscovered Video Shows Trump In 2013 Bragging That He Has A ‘Relationship’ With Putin

The most intriguing questions that remain from the 2016 presidential election: How much influence did Russia exert on behalf of Donald Trump, and why did the Russians do so? Donald Trump has suggested he wants to better relationship with Russia and its terrorist leader, Vladimir Putin, but has denied that he actually knows Putin. Then […]

WATCH Anderson Cooper DESTROY Conway’s Dismissal Of Intel Report: ‘You Don’t Know!’

Donald Trump and his surrogates spent most of the day Wednesday in a constant cycle of spin, denial, and lying. Wednesday evening on CNN, host Anderson Cooper squared off against Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, and Cooper wasted no time calling out Conway for remarks Sean Spicer made at Trump’s bizarre press conference earlier in the […]