Anti-LGBT Attorney Says Sex Ed In Schools Is All Satan’s Fault (VIDEO)

While it’s been proven that sex education in public schools can reduce the rate of teen pregnancy, abortion, and sexually-transmitted diseases, there are still some who would have you believe that teaching young people about human reproduction is just plain evil.

Such is the case with Mary McAlister, who just so happens to be a senior attorney for the Liberty Counsel, a strident anti-LGBT group that delights in imposing their religious beliefs on others.

Appearing on the “USA Survival” program hosted by fellow right-wing wingnut Cliff Kincaid, McAlister mentioned a “Sex Ed Sit-out” being organized by another member of the extreme right wing. Kincaid began by declaring:

“They’re experimenting on our kids.”

That was all McAlister needed to go off on a rant:

“It’s evil. It’s absolutely evil. God has made us all in his image, he has set out for us rules for living that enable us to live rich and full and healthy lives and all of this that is going on now is directly aimed at tearing all of that down. Well, we know who does that. That’s the Enemy, that’s Satan and his minions.”

So God doesn’t want us to learn about our bodies or educate ourselves on one of the most basic desires of any person? That seems kinda hypocritical, even for a so-called “Christian.”

McAlister was far from finished, belching out another verbal air biscuit as she added:

“We’re in a spiritual battle. These are the principalities that have taken over and they aim at destroying our children, destroying our families and destroying our society in order to have their own rules in place, or lack of rules in place. So I do believe it very much comes from the Enemy.”

Aren’t these the same people who support the Pussy Grabber-in-Chief, Donald Trump? They certainly are, yet they can’t see the glaring dichotomy between their narrow-minded “morality” and the fact that their political savior is a perv who lusts after his own daughter when he isn’t sleeping with porn stars. No wonder so many people are turning away from their brand of “religion.”

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