Bob Woodward Book: Nearly Everyone In The White House Absolutely Despises Jared Kushner

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Bob Woodward has a new book out today entitled Rage, and some of the more jaw-dropping parts of the tome have already made headlines. For example:

  • Trump knew the novel coronavirus was incredibly deadly and repeatedly downplayed the danger when communicating with the public
  • The current president is obsessed with dictators such as North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-un, whom he had a man crush on
  • Top administration officials who served in the Trump White House left their posts believing the president was incompetent and probably compromised by Russian President Vladimir Putin

But there’s also a section of Rage which deals specifically with the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who serves as senior adviser to the president and is arguably the most influential member of the administration.

Woodward spoke with Kushner for the book, and what Jared had to say immediately lets you know that he’s a full-blown egotistical asshole:

“The most dangerous people around the president are overconfident idiots.”

The author took Kushner’s comment to be directed at people such as former Defense Secretary James Mattis and former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

But as the old saying goes, that’s a two-way street, because nearly everyone working in the administration had a very low opinion of Jared, Woodward notes, according to the Washington Post:

“Kushner was a frequent target of ire among Trump’s Cabinet members, who saw him as untrustworthy and weak in dealing with heads of states. Tillerson found Kushner’s warm dealings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ‘nauseating to watch. It was stomach churning,’ according to Woodward.

“Kushner is quoted extensively in the book ruminating about his father-in-law and presidential power. Woodward writes that Kushner advised people that one of the most important guiding texts to understand the Trump presidency was ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ a novel about a young girl who falls through a rabbit hole. He singled out the Cheshire cat, whose strategy was endurance and persistence, not direction.”

Jared Kushner is an entitled little shithead who has zero credentials other than being married to the president’s favorite child and top object of his incestuous lust, Ivanka. And yet he’s the one calling most of the shots when it comes to policy and life or death decisions!

Considering what we know about Jared, is it any surprise this administration has been such a massive failure? These dolts couldn’t organize a one-car parade if you gave them written directions. The time has come for them to go.

One thought on “Bob Woodward Book: Nearly Everyone In The White House Absolutely Despises Jared Kushner

  1. Perhaps senators like Kennedy have also helped trump use this power for so much corruption. Power must be removed immediately from this incompetent POTUS as by his hand he has caused manslaughter through his dereliction of his duties He has many deaths on his hands from this virus and can only imagine how people having lost loved ones must be feeling right now. Trump sure is covered by those men and women that lie so directly like Huckerby and Kennedy on the morning news. Then there is Hannity and his bunch of liars and ugly men. Wondering do they EVER look in the mirror at what they have become? As for Kushner what is he even doing in the white house ? along with Jordon when he has scandal hanging on his head. Barr with his fathers association with Jeff epstein. Wow what kind of sheep would allow these breeds to lead them all to the slaughter. Serious times are ahead. Still wanting to know who is accountable for the children that were stolen from their parents and WHERE ARE THEY???Are they safe??? How many of them??? Trump needs to be accountable along with these actions of Crime Against Humanity… Answer to the rapes that have been charged against him. Give up his Tax returns… so much he has stripped away from the credibility of the White House and the USA

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