Mike Pence Gets Destroyed For Calling Trump The ‘Most Pro-Life’ POTUS As COVID Deaths Pass 190,000

Vice President Mike Pence has been trying to shore up support for his boss among evangelicals as the 2020 election draws closer, And that means Pence has been meeting with anti-choice groups who want to criminalize a woman being allowed to control her body and her reproductive decisions by making abortion illegal across the United States.

CNN reported Saturday on an event Pence attended recently in North Carolina, where he flat-out lied about the issue of abortion and Joe Biden’s position on it:

“Life is winning in America today. Joe Biden supports taxpayer funded abortion all the way up to birth.”

No, he doesn’t, but why let facts get in the way of some propaganda?

And then today — the very same day it was revealed in a new book from Bob Woodward that Donald Trump had lied to the American people about the true danger posed by COVID-19 — Pence went on Twitter and proudly declared that his boss is the “most pro-life President in the history of this Nation!”

Meanwhile, the death toll from COVID  has passed the 190,000 mark, with no slowdown in sight. How’s that for pro-life? Clearly, Republicans care if your child hasn’t yet been born, but after that, you’d damn well better make sure they show up at school even if the risk of their dying from a deadly virus remains.

That was all it took for social media to light up with anger and reminders of the casualties thanks to the utterly incompetent actions of the current head of state:

If indeed there is a hell, Trump and Pence deserve to spend eternity there.

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