Comparison Of Videos From 2015 And 2020 Seems To Show Trump’s Health Has Deteriorated Badly

Donald Trump turned 74 in June. He was 70 when he took office, making him the oldest president to ever be elected to the office, beating out Ronald Reagan by almost a full year.

So it seems only fitting to take a closer look at whether or not Trump is mentally and physically fit for office. Sure, it’d be nice if we could depend on the White House physician to provide that information to us, but there’s no chance of that, especially with Trump as president, because he’s the most secretive and paranoid man to ever serve as head of state.

That’s where Aaron Rupar of Vox comes to our collective rescue, providing a video of Donald Trump in 2015 when he announced his run for the White House and a second clip of Trump’s speech at West Point:

Trump could hardly get down a ramp after he finished his West Point speech. Watch this clip and see if it looks like a president or more like a man who seems to be on the verge of collapsing:

And now we come to Rupar’s video clips, starting with Trump in 2015 and then moving to his speech at West Point:

The change is obvious, dramatic, and absolutely frightening when you watch that video.

First of all, the energy level of 2015 Trump is almost enough to make you think he’ll suddenly break into an improvised song and dance. He also speaks clearly and enunciates every word.

2020 Trump, on the other hand, seems to be running on fumes, hardly able to complete a sentence and seemingly unable to pronounce the name of Douglas McArthur.

All of this raises a sobering question for the country: Is Donald Trump physically and mentally up to the job?

Trump loves to try and make fun of his likely 2020 opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, calling him “sleepy” and suggesting he’s too old for the job. But at his worst, Biden is 1000 percent more alert and active than Trump.

Donald Trump is unfit for office, and that’s not intended as a put down. Video doesn’t lie. His West Point speech makes it painfully clear that this guy is on the verge of a complete mental and physical collapse. It’s time to retire him and get him some medical attention.

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