Conservative Commentators Claim Suburban Women Think Mike Pence Is Very Sexy

Fair warning: Before you read any further, you may want to have a barf bag handy.

According to two conservative commentators, the Trump reelection campaign can depend on the sex appeal of Vice President Mike Pence to help them win the votes of women in suburbia.

Jesse Kelly is a syndicated radio host, and on Thursday he posted this:

Really? Mike Pence is popular with suburban moms? That must be the suburban moms who desperately need eyeglasses.

As if Kelly’s tweet wasn’t bad enough, right-wing commentator Kurt Schlicter, who writes for, went even further, getting disgustingly graphic with his posting on Twitter:

That odd sensation you feel creeping across your body is laughter mixed with nausea. Mike Pence knows how to lay pipe? He calls his own wife “Mother!” He’s about as neutered as a man can be without having actually gone to a veterinarian and gotten the surgery.

Thankfully, both Kelly and Schlicter got the mockery they so richly deserved:

Did you need the barf bag? If not, then your stomach is a hell of a lot stronger than mine.

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