Melania Gets Humiliated For Her Hypocritical Tweet To Commemorate World Mental Health Day

Saturday was World Mental Health Day, which is meant to raise awareness of issues such as depression, bipolar disorder, and, schizophrenia.

First Lady Melania Trump decided to take part in the day by sending out a tweet that might have been well-intentioned but struck a lot of people as incredibly hypocritical:

Granted, the tweet itself is not really the problem, but the facts around it most certainly are. After all, this woman she’s married to a man who constantly exhibits questionable mental fitness. When he’s not excoriating people on Twitter, Donald Trump often mocks anyone who might be suffering from any illness or disability:

Melania’s tweet drew heavy criticism from others on social media, most of whom reminded her just how unstable her spouse certainly appears to be:

Nice try, Melania, but as we’ve seen repeatedly over the past four years, neither you or your husband seem to have a conscience or a soul. Don’t be surprised when we tell you how full of shit you are; we’re just speaking the truth.

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