Pence Promises MAGA Faithful Trump Will Be POTUS For ‘Four More Years’

On Friday, Vice President Mike Pence spoke to the Council for National Policy, a conservative think tank, and engaged in the same absurd lies that his boss continues to spout on Twitter about how they won the 2020 election and intend to be in office for another term. During his remarks, Trump supporters began chanting […]

Conservative Commentators Claim Suburban Women Think Mike Pence Is Very Sexy

Fair warning: Before you read any further, you may want to have a barf bag handy. According to two conservative commentators, the Trump reelection campaign can depend on the sex appeal of Vice President Mike Pence to help them win the votes of women in suburbia. Jesse Kelly is a syndicated radio host, and on […]

Debate Viewers Recoil In Horror After Seeing Mike Pence’s Inflamed ‘COVID’ Eyes

If you tuned in for Tuesday evening’s vice presidential debate, you may have noticed that something didn’t quite seem right about how Vice President Mike Pence looked. To be specific, his eyes looked red and inflamed, almost as if he had pink eye. Pike eye, it should be noted, can indeed be a symptom when […]

New Questions About Mike Pence’s Health After He Insists On Sitting During Wednesday’s VP Debate

On Wednesday evening, we’ll get to witness the first and only debate between Vice President Mike Pence and his Democratic rival, Sen. Kamala Harris. But something that was revealed about what rules have been worked out between the two camps has many people wondering what exactly might be wrong with Pence. According to Jennifer Rubin […]

Scott Walker Is Playing Kamala Harris In Mike Pence’s Debate Prep – And The Jokes Write Themselves

When you think of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), the Democratic nominee for vice president, is the first person who comes to mind Scott Walker, the former governor of Wisconsin? Makes no sense, does it? And yet The Washington Post reports that’s exactly what’s happening: “Former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is once again working closely with […]

Mike Pence Gets Destroyed For Calling Trump The ‘Most Pro-Life’ POTUS As COVID Deaths Pass 190,000

Vice President Mike Pence has been trying to shore up support for his boss among evangelicals as the 2020 election draws closer, And that means Pence has been meeting with anti-choice groups who want to criminalize a woman being allowed to control her body and her reproductive decisions by making abortion illegal across the United […]

Pence Was Set To Take Over As POTUS After Trump Had A Medical Emergency In 2019: New Book

In November of last year, President Donald Trump was suddenly rushed to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in the middle of the night. He was reportedly having a medical emergency, and the issue was serious enough to alert Vice President Mike Pence that he needed to be ready to take over immediately if the […]

Mike Pence Unveils The Trump Campaign’s Latest Slogan, And It’s BEYOND Pathetic

Things are going very badly for the Trump-Pence 2020 campaign. The polls show them losing in key battleground states like Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. And the announcement on Tuesday that Kamala Harris will be Joe Biden’s running mate not only excited the Democratic base, it also led to the Biden-Harris campaign raking in […]

Senior White House Adviser Wants Trump To Replace Pence With A Female VP: Report

The Trump reelection campaign is desperate, and they’re running out of possible strategies for getting President Donald Trump a second term in office, so they’re considering even the wildest theories about what might provide the boost they need to get past the twin failures of his response to the coronavirus and the fact that the […]

Pence Urges Republicans To Vote Absentee – But Not By Mail

Here’s a simple question for the vast majority of American voters: What’s the difference between absentee voting and mail-in voting? The answer, of course, is there’s no difference whatsoever, but someone forgot to tell that to top officials in the Trump administration. Vice President Mike Pence was a guest on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show […]