Donald Trump Is Six Months Overdue For His Annual Physical – What Is He Hiding?

At the first of every year, a sitting president is supposed to receive an annual physical and the results are to be released to the public so we can all know what kind of health the head of state is in.

But it’s almost June and Donald Trump hasn’t yet had his physical for 2020, which is even more suspicious when you consider that he’s running for reelection while trying to make the age and health of his likely Democratic opponent an issue.

According to NBC News, the White House will admit that Trump hasn’t had his physical, but they won’t explain why:

“Senior administration officials did not immediately respond to NBC News’ request for comment about the delay — despite Trump announcing this week he was taking an unproven and potentially dangerous drug after being exposed to an aide who tested positive for coronavirus.

“Asked in early March about when he would complete his physical, the president told reporters, ‘I’m going probably over the next 90 days. I’m so busy, I can’t do it.'”

Busy? Doing what? Tweeting and playing golf? That response from the president has the familiar stench of Trumpian-infested bullshit.

Presidential historian Michael Beschloss notes that the reluctance by Trump to fulfill one of the obligations of his office is problematic, especially since voters will be going to the polls in less than six months:

“As a part of granting a president as much power as we do, he has the obligation to demonstrate that he is well or, if he is not, to let us know exactly what is amiss,

“Too often in history have presidents concealed secret illnesses and medicine routines that had the potential to undermine their leadership, and the wellbeing of all of us.”

Could it be that Trump is afraid doctors will indeed discover that he’s sicker than he says he is? After all, this isn’t a man who’s known for his honesty. Or is Trump trying to hide a problem like the rumored drug usage other than what his doctors have prescribed for him? Does he think a full exam — physical and mental — will reveal a serious ailment that would end his run for a second term?

Whatever the explanation, once again we see that Donald Trump thinks the rules don’t apply to him. That’s one of many reasons he needs to be replaced.

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