Donald Trump Jr. Gets Humiliated For Posting A ‘World Map’ Of How He Expects His Daddy To Win

Intent to once again prove just how massively ignorant he is when it comes to almost every topic, Donald Trump Jr. posted a world electoral map of how he thinks the presidential race will turn out when all the votes are counted, even though only Americans are able to vote in today’s general election:

So, according to Junior, his father will win every U.S. state except California and New York. But it was the countries the president’s son marked as being all-in for his daddy versus the ones that are on Joe Biden’s side that drew most of the attention on social media. Be sure and note that he has China rooting for Biden, but he also clearly indicates that Russia is supporting the incumbent:

There can only be one explanation for Don Jr’s latest humiliation and self-own: To quote the late great Rick James, “Cocaine is a hell of a drug!”

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