Donnie Dotard Brags About ‘Lowest Black Unemployment’ In History – Hint: It Just Went Up

On Saturday morning, Donald Trump woke up and thought he’d pat himself on the back. Apparently, Trump saw a tweet from right-wing radio host Wayne Dupree in 2014.

So Donnie responded:

One problem with Trump’s assertion: The unemployment rate for African-Americans went up in January, rising from 6.8 to 7.7 percent in a month’s time.

Also, while he was busy trying to claim all the credit for falling unemployment rates among blacks, Trump neglected to mention that the number has been steadily falling since 2011 when Barack Obama was still president.

Some of the responses to Trump on Twitter are priceless:

One day we’re gonna wake up, look out the window, see the sun is shining, go to Twitter, and Trump will be claiming credit for that, too.

If it’s cloudy and raining, that’ll be Obama or Hillary’s fault.

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