Federal Judge May Decide To Void Trump’s Pardon Of Michael Flynn – Here’s How

While Donald Trump pardoned his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn with the belief that his action would clear Flynn of all possible criminal charges or penalties, the case may not turn out the way the president expected.

A former federal prosecutor pointed out Wednesday that Flynn’s pardon could be voided by the judge who oversaw his, case.

Glenn Kirschner sent out this tweet explaining the rationale for his thinking:

Later in the evening, Kirschner added this:

That’s right: A pardon can be illegal and challenged in court, as civil rights attorney Andrew Laufer noted when he concurred with Kirschner:

U.S. presidents do indeed have almost unfettered power when it comes to pardons. But that power is not absolute, especially if the pardon was granted to cover up another crime that was committed by the president, i.e. conspiring with Russia.

For now, Trump and Flynn may think they’re in the clear. But it might not be that cut and dried. Let’s wait and see how Judge Sullivan reacts to what transpired on Wednesday. A week or two from now, Michael Flynn could still be a convicted felon and Donald Trump could be facing non-pardonable offenses in New York and other states.

One thought on “Federal Judge May Decide To Void Trump’s Pardon Of Michael Flynn – Here’s How

  1. Glenn’s message is a ray of hope. Has felt like the lights are all blowing out over our beautiful trust in our free world, with this trump leadership blowhard. Due to all the uncertainty and the way that criminal Barr has been operating for trump and not the people he is suppose to serve. Managing to taint all justice along with Dersherwitch the old paedophile also trying to save his ugliness, for mauling young teens. I am encouraged by the real facts that matter from Glenn.Trump while he may hate humanity and what we are all desperately trying to achieve. He seems to slither in with his vile attempts at making laws for himself to save himself and probably only his favoured ones from Prison… The lights have come back on and maybe soon our people can focus on recovery from trump and begin to heal our selves and our planet. Caring more about each other than a would be dictator and his cronies on a dose of daily bilge and spite. Thanks for the most encouragement coming from Glenn Kirschner and explainations about this amazing Judge Emmit Sullivan. How cool to know that Justice really does matter as It was definitely gone very dark over the last few years. Thanks Glenn you are a gem.

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