Trump Is Losing Thousands Of Twitter Followers A Day Since Being Defeated By Biden

For a man as vain and insecure as Donald Trump, losing the 2020 election must have been a serious blow to his massive ego, because in his mind, he’s the best at everything, no matter what it might be.

But there’s a bigger ego destroyer taking place on Trump’s favorite social media platform, Twitter, where followers are abandoning him by the thousands each and every day, according to Newsweek:

“Donald Trump has lost Twitter followers every day this week, with more than 46,000 accounts abandoning his profile since November 22.

“His days in the White House are numbered in the wake of his defeat to Joe Biden, but Trump has continued to spread misinformation about the election on Twitter, leading to speculation he could be swiftly banned from the platform after he leaves office.

“Now it seems at least some of his 88 million-plus Twitter followers may have had enough, with his follower count having dropped for four consecutive days.”

Things are getting worse, too, with over 10,000 followers deciding to cut the cord to Trump on Wednesday alone. And the trend is not exactly in Trump’s favor, the numbers show:

  • November 24: Down 12,476 followers
  • November 23: Down 5,979
  • November 22: Down 19,164

Even more galling to Trump will be this fact: Joe Biden’s following on Twitter is surging at a staggering pace, with him adding 130,000 followers over the past three days.

All of this was to be expected, according to Andrew Lazar, who leads the UnfollowThePres project:

“By January, he will no longer be relevant to our national conversation. His Twitter account, however, still gives him enormous influence. He’s using that influence to continue to divide our country. I mean, the guy can’t concede a loss and wants to broadcast false fraud claims to his adherents. It’s dangerous.

“Since Twitter is just putting up some meaningless flags, I say we as the Twitter community have the power and obligation to turn down his volume and we should do so. Remove his amplification and you help dial down the power of his rhetoric.”

Oh, and one other number that Trump has never and will never reach: 126.6 million. That’s the number of people who follow Barack Obama.

As usual, Donald Trump will always be a distant second to a real leader and true gentleman.

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  1. Really, he had bot accounts up the ying yang…. the costs are no longer necessary and you are now going to see his actual follower counts.

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