First Lady Michelle Obama’s Inspirational Message To Young Muslim Women

First Lady Michelle Obama recently spoke to a group of young Muslim women at the Mulberry School for Girls in East London as part of her Let Girls Learn initiative. The goal of the program is to make sure women around the world have the chance to attend school.

The First Lady, in an uplifting speech, told the women:

“Maybe you read the news and hear what folks are saying about your religion. And you wonder if anyone ever sees beyond your headscarf to see who you really are, instead of being blinded by the fears and misperceptions in their own minds. And I know how painful and how frustrating all of that can be.”

Education, Ms. Obama assured the students, is the key to future success in life:

“But here’s the thing — with an education from this amazing school, you all have everything, everything, you need to rise above all of the noise and fulfill every last one of your dreams.”

Noting the similarities between her own upbringing as part of a working-class family on the South Side of Chicago, the First Lady added:

“I look out at all you young women and I see myself. In so many ways, your story is my story.”

Mulberry School for girls is already a huge success. Students consistently score high on standardized tests and more than 80 percent of Mulberry’s graduates later go on to attend college.

Personally, I think what the First Lady said is true for all young people in the world today. No matter what background you may come from, no matter what others may try to say about you, you can achieve anything you want if you educate yourself. It is a message we should be shouting from the rooftops around the United States and the world. It is a message I tell my own daughter on a daily basis.

It is a message of hope, opportunity, and deliverance.

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