House Expands Its Investigation Into Ivanka Trump’s Potentially Illegal Use Of Emails

During the 2016 presidential race, Donald Trump repeatedly accused his Democratic opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, of having broken the law and caused a national security threat by using personal email accounts for official government business. He even used this to suggest that Clinton was “crooked” and couldn’t be trusted to be Commander-in-Chief.

But as we all know, karma has a funny way of coming back to bite you on the ass when you try your best to destroy another person.

And that’s exactly what’s happened regarding emails and the Trump administration, where the president’s daughter, Ivanka, who also serves as a top adviser to her father, is accused of using personal email to conduct government business.

As the old saying goes, life truly is a perfect circle.

Reuters is reporting that an ongoing congressional investigation into Ivanka’s emails has now expanded, and that could be very bad news for daddy’s little girl:

“U.S. Representative Elijah Cummings, the Democratic chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, said the panel would begin its own review of emails and other communications by the White House that he said violated federal records law.

“’The purpose of this investigation is to determine why White House officials used non-official email accounts, texting services and encrypted applications for official business,’ Cummings wrote to White House Counsel Pat Cipollone.

“Lawmakers will look at why records sent or received by non-official accounts were not forwarded to official accounts within 20 days as legally required, as well as whether there was a topic White House officials wanted to conceal, he said.”

Ever since Democrats in the House began their investigation of Ivanka and her emails (along with emails sent by husband, Jared Kushner), the White House has stonewalled investigators, refusing to comply with requests for documents and testimony.

But while the administration may be withholding information, that doesn’t mean Congress doesn’t have evidence. As a matter of fact, they potentially have plenty of proof that Ivanka and others have broken the law, and that proof likely came from others in the administration who are sick and tired of how the Trump family has treated them and others in the White House.

Keep in mind that the expanding email probe is taking place in the middle of a reelection campaign and also as the Trump Organization is under criminal investigation by prosecutors working for the New York Attorney General’s office. If all of these scandals come to a head later this year or next, Donald Trump will be looking at falling poll numbers and swirling scandals, not to mention calls for impeachment.

How perfect is karma? THIS perfect: Lock her up!!

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