Did Donald Trump Just Reveal That Very Bad Legal News Is Coming For The Trump Organization?

Though he calls himself a great dealmaker, in reality Donald Trump is bad at business and even worse at hiding what he’s thinking. He always gives the game away with his tweets.

Such is the case with three tweets Trump sent out Monday regarding how he feels he’s being harassed by the state of New York. Here’s the postings:

In response, New York Attorney General Letitia James fired back with this:

It certainly sounds like Trump is worried about some pending legal action out of his home state, doesn’t it? And he probably should be, since AG James has made it clear she will not hesitate to investigate Trump and the Trump Organization, as she made clear shortly after she was elected, NBC News notes:

“Shortly after her election in November, James, a Democrat, vowed to ‘use every area of the law’ to probe Trump, his family and associates, and his business. The office of attorney general has sweeping investigatory and prosecutorial powers to do just that.

“Earlier this year, James subpoenaed Trump’s banks, seeking information about the Trump Organization and the president’s finances. Trump dismissed those efforts as ‘presidential harassment’ and tweeted that James “openly campaigned on a GET TRUMP agenda.”

As the attorney general for New York, James can even impose what’s known as “corporate death” on the Trump Organization. Here’s how that works:

“New York law allows the attorney general to seek restitution and damages — and, in extreme cases, dissolution — if a business is found to have engaged in persistent fraud. There’s also the Martin Act, a 1921 statute designed to protect investors.

“Past attorneys general have used the Martin Act, considered to be the U.S.’s toughest such state statute in this realm, to expand their powers in the financial crimes sector. The law empowers the attorney general to subpoena witnesses and documents for information pertaining to possible fraud.”

Yes, AG James can order the dissolution of any business she determines has been engaged in multiple acts of fraud. And that certainly applies to Trump’s business. Here’s just a few of the fraudulent things the Trump Organization has done over the years and where those investigations stand:

Those certainly look like multiple acts of fraud, don’t they?

No wonder Donald is so worried about what may be about to break in New York. He knows he’s committed multiple crimes. The only thing yet to be determined is which ones he and his business will be charged with.

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