Ivanka’s High School Bestie Says Donald Often Said Pervy, Inappropriate Things To Young Girls

For quite some time now, it has been clear that Donald Trump is not only a philanderer who has been married three times and cheated on all three of his wives, he’s also a man who is known to be especially fond of young girls, including girls as young as 13.

Evidence of Trump’s preference for young girls can be seen in things he’s said and done, such as:

  • Remarking that when his daughter, Ivanka, was only 13, he was sexually attracted to her
  • Being friends with the late sex trafficker and pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, and being accused of repeatedly raping a 13-year old girl with Epstein in 1994
  • Bragging about walking in on semi-naked teenage girls in the dressing room at beauty pageants he sponsored

And now we have new information which better helps prove that Donald Trump is a man who is a depraved pervert.

Lysandra Ohrstrom was Ivanka Trump’s best friend in high school, and she’s written an article for Vanity Fair in which she recalls this about Ivanka’s father:

“He would barely acknowledge me except to ask if Ivanka was the prettiest or the most popular girl in our grade. Before I learned that the Trumps have no sense of humor about themselves, I remember answering honestly that she was probably in the top five. ‘Who’s prettier than Ivanka?” I recall him asking once with genuine confusion, before correctly naming the two girls I’d had in mind. He described one as a young Cindy Crawford, while the other he said had a great figure.

Though he never remembered my name, he seemed to have a photographic memory for changes in my body. I’ll never forget the time Ivanka and I were having lunch with her brothers at Mar-a-Lago one day, and while Mr. Trump was saying hi, Don Jr. swiped half a grilled cheese sandwich off my plate. Ivanka scolded him, but Mr. Trump chimed in, ‘Don’t worry. She doesn’t need it. He’s doing her a favor.’ Conversely, he’d usually congratulate me if I’d lost weight.”

All of this left such an impression on Ohrstrom that she felt the need to reveal what she knew and make everyone aware of the “real” Donald Trump:

“I have really been grappling with whether to do this for so long since Trump announced that he was running. I just went home. I sat at my computer and I started writing a long essay about why her dad shouldn’t be president, and it was very much pegged to my recollections of growing up with him.”

If only more Americans had listened and heeded the warnings that were already in the public record. We might never have had Donald Trump as president. Fortunately, he won’t be president for much longer, and that alone is reason to celebrate and give thanks.

One thought on “Ivanka’s High School Bestie Says Donald Often Said Pervy, Inappropriate Things To Young Girls

  1. The very thought of trump around young girls is horrifying. Sickening in fact. What is his end game…… ? I hope there really is some justice. In these past 4 yrs I have watched in horror at the corruption and evil in the White House. The level trump will go too is terrifying. Along with the rest of his cronies. It just seems the motto being “”She’ll be right” Since Dershowitz showed his own ugliness in the Impeachment. The criminal! Lawyers that has since defended the treachery and stood also beside Rudy Guilliano ,(Sidney Powell, along with Jenna Ellis, have left me wondering Is There Really any Truth and Justice left in the United States. Or do the public have to just spend more money to find decency when this outfit of evil show anything but true justice. It really is disturbing when you see this kind of power so rogue. Treachery abounds and it looks almost so rigged that the public have another war while fighting the war of their very lives. Wake Up America. Time for Peace and Justice along with the light turned back on Removal of this horror show is for the good of the Free World itself. We are all in shock !!

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