Looks Like Jared And Ivanka Are Co-Conspirators In Donald Trump’s Ukraine Scandal

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are top advisers to President Donald Trump, and it has even been suggested that the president doesn’t make any major policy decision without running it by one or both of them.

So a photo that has surfaced thanks to some excellent reporting by Betsy Swan of The Daily Beast certainly raises a question: Were Jared and Ivanka co-conspirators in the Ukraine bribery scandal that has led to President Trump’s impeachment?

According to Swan:

“Lev Parnas met Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, according to a previously unreleased photo shared with The Daily Beast by Parnas’ attorney Joseph Bondy. The picture, published here for the first time, indicates that Parnas—a Ukraine-born ex-associate of Rudy Giuliani’s who has been charged with a series of Federal Election Campaign Act violations in the Southern District of New York—had at least one encounter with the president’s daughter and her husband, who double as White House advisers.”

Via The Daily Beast

In recent days, Parnas has been back in the news thanks to the fact that his attorney has made it clear his client has information pertinent to the Trump impeachment, including data from cell phones and other electronic devices that he is eager to share with Congressional investigators:

“Parnas is seeking to testify to Congress about his involvement in Giuliani’s efforts to secure political favors from the government of Ukraine in exchange for White House access. The House Intelligence Committee, which has handled the lower chamber’s impeachment probe, has yet to call in Parnas for testimony.”

Clearly, Parnas is seeking to make a deal that would involve him providing full cooperation with Congress and prosecutors in exchange for lenience when it comes time for his trial and sentencing on those election violations. If Parnas is unable to make such a deal, he’s facing significant time in federal prison.

If Parnas is able to make a deal, there’s a possibility his testimony and evidence would be introduced at the upcoming Senate trial, which could be very bad news for Donald Trump, who is already facing the possibility that the full extent of his Ukraine scandal will become public knowledge and drive his already shaky poll numbers even lower right as he’s trying desperately to win a second term in office.

Even if Parnas doesn’t make an appearance at the impeachment trial, it’s only a matter of time before various House committees hold public hearings and make him the star witness, which would also be a problem for the president, Jared, and Ivanka.

As you’d expect, the White House says Jared and Ivanka don’t know Parnas, issuing a statement suggesting that the photo “was taken at an event in a photo line and is one of tens of thousands of pictures they take every year.”

Something about all this smells fishy. And since it’s been established long ago that this president and everyone who works in it lie about everything, it seems likely that more information linking Jared and Ivanka to the Ukraine fiasco is on the way. Stay tuned.

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