Matt Gaetz Gets Buried In Mockery For Saying Trump Is Too Tough To Get Seriously Ill From COVID

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) — aka Budweiser Boy — cannot resist kissing President Donald Trump’s fat ass at least once a day, but a tweet Gaetz sent out Monday morning may well go down in history as one of the most obsequious things ever posted on social media

According to Gaetz, Trump isn’t recovering from COVID-19; coronavirus is recovering from tangling with the Donald:

Really, Matt? Trump has received or is currently receiving several experimental therapies as he remains at Walter Reed Medical Center, so it’s not like he’s jogging down the streets of Bethesda, Maryland, lifting up transport buses as he poses for photos.

Reaction to Gaetz’s moronic tweet was immediate and harsh:

Later today, maybe Matt can drink another 12-pack, go sit outside Walter Reed, and try to catch a whiff of Trump’s latest fart.

One thought on “Matt Gaetz Gets Buried In Mockery For Saying Trump Is Too Tough To Get Seriously Ill From COVID

  1. What is of interest, the actual testing of all these latest trump crew that have been affected by this now!… How true is this? Who did the tests? or is it just possible it is just another con job on the people of America to sell off the drug cocktails? Perhaps it is just another one of the jack ups that have come from the trump camp. A Miracle? Or has it all been staged by con artists. Are Americans ready to accept this load of garbage Barr and the rest swanning around as though they own the place? All intent on deceit, All liars and All in the game of extortion and chaos. And might I say getting worse by the day….. Wow Wake up fast America time is running out the planet is hemorrhaging faster, the constant devious misleading and corruption of trump and his attachment of criminals who are blatantly displaying the cruelest reign of scandal and chaos ever to USA and the world. How much longer can you good people tolerate this GOP of deception?

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