Mike Pompeo Is Now Actively Conspiring With Senate Republicans To Dig Up Dirt On Joe Biden

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made it clear Tuesday that he’s nothing more than a political hack who is willing to destroy what little credibility he has in the service of the man who appointed him to his post.

Specifically, Pompeo has ordered the State Department to help a Senate committee dig up (or perhaps even fabricate) information that can be used for the sole purpose of trying to smear Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the hope of getting President Donald Trump reelected.

Politico reports that State Department Executive Secretary Lisa Kenna issued a memo on August 17 giving employees their marching orders:

“(Kenna) ordered senior State Department officials to compile additional documents for two Republican senators investigating the origins of the FBI’s Russia probe and Joe Biden’s dealings with Ukraine, according to an internal memo obtained by POLITICO.”

Kenna even spelled out exactly what she and Pompeo expect those who work at the State Department to look for:

“Any electronic or paper records responsive to this request, to include emails, documents, spreadsheets, databases, and electronic media, etc.”

Senate Democrats say the memo is further proof that Trump and Pompeo are trying to use the Department of State to help the president spread a false narrative that will enable him to win a second term in office. Recent polls show Trump trailing Biden nationally and in key battleground states:

“Democratic congressional aides who spoke to POLITICO described the State Department’s handling of the Johnson and Grassley document request as extremely unusual, with clear evidence of politicization. For one thing, the aides said, Grassley and Johnson’s document request did not set date ranges for any of the responsive documents, but State Department officials decided to cut them off at December 2017 — a limit that would ensure any potentially damaging evidence of Trump’s own actions in Ukraine were excluded.”

Trump got impeached for his threat to withhold military aid to Ukraine, and now he’s attempting to engage in another illegal act so he can slag his competitor.

The problem for Trump, however, is that the American people have seen his corruption for the past four years and are sick and tired of his strongman tactics.

Donald Trump is a criminal. He thinks he can manufacture yet another lie because he’s afraid he’ll lose the election and be indicted for his many crimes. With Trump, everything is projection, and this time he even has the secretary of state doing his dirty work for him.

One thought on “Mike Pompeo Is Now Actively Conspiring With Senate Republicans To Dig Up Dirt On Joe Biden

  1. Who ?
    would ever want this kind of deceit representing them in such leadership.
    Pompeo has demonstrated so many times he does not do his job for the people He is doing it for his retirement fund that will be coming up really fast.
    Taxpayers are getting robbed by the likes of this criminal.

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