Oregon Militia Members Tell FBI They Have ‘Demands’–And They’re Hilarious! (Audio)

The FBI has now surrounded the Malheur Federal Wildlife Refuge and is trying to encourage the remaining militia members domestic terrorists to surrender their arms and leave the federal property which they illegally seized last month. But so far there has been no progress in that direction.

However, we do have an audio recording of the FBI talking with a member of the Moron Militia, who says he has a some “demands.” The FBI agent conversing with the militant says he’s listening, at which point you can hear the less-than-stable Oregon militia member declare:

“You let Hillary run for president. You let Obama bring terrorists into our country.”

Yeah, and we also let ignorant wannabe soldiers like you and your buddies remain free in this country even though each and every single one of you should be shipped to Guantanamo until you decide to act like law-abiding members of the United States.

There’s also paranoid chatter from the man in the compound about how 5,000 people are listening live to the discussion with the FBI, and then the number changes to 7,000. Now that’s what I call expanding your audience in a hurry!

Later, the militant spokesman goes on and on about how they need reinforcements because the FBI plans to “murder” them so they can have “blood on their hands.”

Is it just me, or has all of this nonsense in Oregon gone on for too long? Isn’t it time these dillholes who have committed multiple felonies are taken into custody and put before a judge? I realize that federal authorities don’t want to move too aggressively and cause a loss of life, but at what point does that merely encourage these dead-enders all the more?

If these people had legitimate complaints (they don’t) then they would try to resolve those via legal and non-violent means.

But for now, listen to this audio and prepare to laugh:


One thought on “Oregon Militia Members Tell FBI They Have ‘Demands’–And They’re Hilarious! (Audio)

  1. Go in, and shoot each one of them in the ass with rock Salt…. It won’t kill, but it stings like hell…… They will surrender in ten second flat once the pain sets in…….LOL!

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