Polling Data White House Shared With Press Corps Backfires Badly On The Trump Campaign

Members of the White House press corps found an interesting sheet of paper in their airplane seats then they boarded the plane taking them to the next campaign stop being made by President Donald Trump on Sunday.

According to Katherine Faulders of ABC News, here’s the document every reporter had waiting for them:

Seems innocuous enough, right? But as Jacob Rubashkin of Inside Elections noted, you just need to read between the lines to see that the document is incredibly bad news for the president:

The Trump campaign is taking a scattershot approach to where they’re sending the president to campaign. They’re behind in so many states (including Texas!) they have no choice but to send Trump all over the place.

But the Biden camp, in contrast is now able to target specific states because they know where their strength lies and already close to the 270 electoral votes they need to win. That’s why Kamala Harris was in Georgia on Friday and Dr. Jill Biden was in El Paso, Texas, recently. There are even hints that Joe Biden himself may be visiting the Lone Star State this week, which means Texas is in play and Democrats are making a strong play for it.

For all of Trump’s bravado and claims that his polls show him ahead of Biden, the administration is in panic mode and know they’re losing all over the electoral map.

Even though it was purely by accident, it looks like the Trump staff has finally managed to tell the truth.

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