Rudy Giuliani Brags That He’s STILL Looking For Dirt on Joe Biden

You probably recall that back in 2016, while on the campaign trail, Donald Trump repeatedly bragged that if he was elected president, he would fill his administration with “the best people.”

And yet, here we are three years later and it has repeatedly been proven that the best people are just as unqualified as the man who made that empty promise.

Case in point: Rudy Giuliani, who has been serving as Trump’s personal attorney and whose actions have brought this president to the brink of impeachment.

Rudy was given a task by Trump: Go find dirt on Joe Biden and the Biden family in Ukraine. So Rudy hooked up with shady characters like his henchmen Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, both of whom have been indicted for campaign finance crimes and one of whom — Parnas — is cooperating with the House impeachment committee.

As they often say on infomercials, “But wait – there’s more!”

Now Giuliani is running around telling everyone that will listen to him he’s still actively seeking negative information about the Bidens.

During an appearance on Blaze TV, the former mayor of New York told host Glenn Beck:

“(The Ukrainians) have direct evidence about the bribery, the collusion. The case is a massive pay-for-play, multimillion-dollar scheme. I was in contact with two of them today.”

According to Giuliani, the Ukrainians who have this dirt cannot even get visas for travel to the United States so they can tell what they know. Of course, he failed to note that if they have such information, they could have already turned if over to the proper authorities. But why would they do that when they clearly want to use Rudy to get whatever they want in exchange for their “evidence”? They’re using him, and he’s not even bright enough to know he’s being used!

But here’s the larger problem for Trump and the White House: Giuliani’s comments make it clear the Ukraine conspiracy that is crushing this president is still going on! This isn’t past tense. It’s happening right now,according to Trump’s personal attorney.

Eventually, Giuliani will probably have to testify under oath, either in court or as part of the impeachment. And even if he doesn’t, he’s already said enough to sink the Trump administration.

Keep talking, Rudy. At least until we get rid of this cancer on our country named Donald J. Trump.

Here’s the segment with Giuliani:

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