The Russia Probe May Wind Up Destroying The Entire Trump Organization: Report

While the investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller threatens President Donald Trump both legally and politically, it may also wind up spelling the end of the Trump Organization

A recent report from CNN lays out exactly how much jeopardy the Trump family business is in and how the expanding damage from the Russia probe could pose an existential threat to the Trump Organization:

“There is one probe in the Manhattan US Attorney’s office for which President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney has proved helpful, according to court filings and people familiar with the matter: The investigation of the Trump Organization. That probe, and Cohen’s participation in it, poses one of the most significant threats to the President’s family business.”

In August of last year, prosecutors filed documents in court which directly referenced several as-yet-unnamed Trump Organization officials and employees who played a role in reimbursing former Trump attorney Michael Cohen for his hush money payments to two women who said they had extramarital affairs with Trump:

“Through a series of false invoices for a non-existent retainer agreement, Cohen was handed a total of $420,000 by the company, including a $60,000 bonus, prosecutors said, and the company falsely recorded those payments as legal expenses. In fact, according to prosecutors, they were payments to compensate Cohen for the money he directed toward Trump’s female accusers.”

Allen Weisselberg. who serves as chief financial officer of the Trump Organization has been granted immunity for his cooperation with investigators working for both the Southern District of New York and Mueller, and it has long been said that Weisselberg is the man who knows where every penny comes from and winds up inside Trump’s company.

If it can be proven that employees or officials of the Trump Organization participated in the larger scheme to silence women who had affairs with Trump, that would open the company up to charges under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. And that could lead to the assets of the Trump Organization being seized by prosecutors. Should that happen, the entire Trump family would then be almost penniless, as the vast majority of their wealth is tied up in the company.

Imagine it for a second: Donald Trump impeached, his children indicted, and the Trump Organization destroyed. It would a fall of Shakespearean proportions, and it may well come to pass in the very near future.

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