Faltering Trump Organization May Have To Sell Off Properties In Order To Repay Massive Loans

When leaves office in January, Donald Trump will immediately resume control of the Trump Organization, which has been run on a day-to-day basis by his two oldest sons, Don Jr. and Eric, for the past four years. And, based on a report from the Wall Street Journal, the soon-to-be former president is walking into a […]

Cash-Strapped Trump Forced To Sell His Personal Helicopter

Donald Trump loves to brag about how rich and successful he is. He often brags about how he built the Trump Organization into one of the greatest companies in the world and made himself a billionaire in the process. But if that’s true, why exactly does Trump refuse to release his taxes or let anyone […]

What’s Up Next For Donald Trump And His Family? Being Criminal Defendants

One thing we know for sure when it comes to what happens next in the aftermath of the 2020 election: As of Noon on January 20, 2021, Donald Trump and his family will be moving out of the White House as the Bidens move in. What does the future hold for the Trump family? What […]

German Bank Preparing To Seize Donald Trump’s Assets If He Fails To Repay Millions In Loans

German financial giant Deutsche Bank is planning to cut all ties to Donald Trump and the Trump Organization immediately after the the election, according to a report from Reuters: “Deutsche Bank AG is looking for ways to end its relationship with President Donald Trump after the U.S. elections, as it tires of the negative publicity […]

New York Attorney General Tish James Makes It Clear Her Office Is Coming For Donald Trump

New York Attorney General Tish James said recently that her office is indeed on the verge of going after President Donald Trump, his company, and his family, telling MSNBC host Ali Velshi: “In New York, as you know, we have an investigation against the Trump Organization related to financial impropriety and that investigation is ongoing. […]

Donald Trump Accused Of Diverting Nearly $1 Million In Taxpayer Money To His Resorts

Donald Trump and his surrogates love to brag about the fact that he refuses to accept his $400,000 annual presidential salary and instead donates it to various federal agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security or the Interior Department, as if he’s some sort of world-famous philanthropist whose personal charity, the Donald J. Trump […]

New York Prosecutors Suspect The Trump Organization Illegally Hid At Least $100 Million In Revenue

Recently, we learned that New York Attorney General Letitia James had filed court documents asking a judge to compel Eric Trump, executive vice president of the Trump Organization, to give testimony under oath as part of an ongoing investigation by the AG into whether or not the president’s company has inflated its assets over the […]

Trump Accused Of Bribing New York Tax Officials To Reduce His Property Tax Bills

The Trump Organization — which is being run by President Donald Trump’s two eldest sons, Don Jr. and Eric while their father is in office — paid bribes to New York City tax assessors in exchange for lower property tax bills on buildings owned by Trump in Manhattan, according to a blockbuster new investigative report […]

New York Attorney General Tish James Lets Eric Trump Know He’ll Obey Her Subpoena – Or Else

Back in July, Eric Trump was scheduled to comply with a subpoena issued by the office of Tish James, the New York Attorney General and sit for an interview under oath. But two days before he had promised to appear, he backed out. A month later, James went to court in order to compel Eric, […]

Judge Rules Fraud And Racketeering Suit Against The Trump Family Will Move Forward

A federal judge has dealt a major blow to Donald Trump, his family, and the Trump Corporation by refusing to stay a massive lawsuit that accuses the Trumps of running a pyramid scheme that allegedly bilked investors out of millions of dollars. Those investors are now seeking a large settlement that could possibly endanger the […]