Stephen Miller’s Wife Says Feels No Compassion For Immigrant Kids Taken From Their Parents

The wife of top White House policy adviser Stephen Miller, Katie, was clearly the perfect match for him, because she also sounds like a heartless monster who doesn’t feel the least bit guilty about the fact that the Trump administration is ripping immigrant children from their parents and placing them into internment camps.

Speaking with NBC News reporter Jacob Soboroff for his new book, Separated, Miller — who also works in the White House as press secretary for Vice President Mike Pence — was asked directly how she felt about the “zero tolerance” family separation policy. She responded:

“DHS sent me to the border to see the separations for myself — to try to make me more compassionate — but it didn’t work.”

But it didn’t work. The plight of innocent children who have committed no crime other than loving their parents and wanting to be with them as any child would doesn’t move Katie Miller in the least. She faced a test of her humanity, and she failed. What didn’t work, she failed to mention, was her very heart and soul, which can be found in most normal human beings.

Miller went on to tell Soboroff:

“My family and colleagues told me that when I have kids I’ll think about the separations differently. But I don’t think so …”

The NBC reporter asked Miller if she considered herself a white nationalist. She replied:

“No, but I believe if you come to America you should assimilate. Why do we need to have ‘Little Havana’?”

That’s not just cruel, it’s so inhumane that it shocks the very conscience of any normal man or woman. And yet Katie Miller said it almost as an afterthought, like some sort of modern-day Marie Antoinette. The children are afraid and miss their parents? Let them eat cake!

If it wasn’t already clear to the majority of Americans, it should be now: The people running this country are (for lack of a better word) evil. This is what evil looks like. It’s what evil does when put into practice with the full blessings of the U.S government. It’s the sort of evil this country is supposed to be better than.

The time has come for us to rid ourselves of this evil. And we can begin that process by voting them out and holding them accountable once we’ve taken away their power to harm others. If we don’t, then we become complicit in their crimes.

2 thoughts on “Stephen Miller’s Wife Says Feels No Compassion For Immigrant Kids Taken From Their Parents

  1. There is no doubt whatsoever that Evil exists. It is personified in the hearts and minds of those like Duterte, Orbán, Putin, Netanyahu, Bolsonaro, Erdoğan, Johnson and Trump. They infect those around them and so the cancer spreads. It has metastasized throughout the Globe, a virulent pestilence that erupts in Nationalism, White Supremacy, Ideological Narcissism, the Cults of Religious Fanatics, Greed and Disaster Capitalism.
    I believe that our species Homo stultus (look it up) is past the tipping point, there is no cure, no chance of salvation. All that remains for us is to have as gentle a Death as possible.

    I’m hoping mine comes soon. The pain of watching the tentacles of Evil spreading into every corner is too awful to bear.

  2. may she never be blessed with a child. How a women could not feel love and compassion for an innocent is beyond even thinking of her as a mother. EVER

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