Trump Aides Have Warned Him He’s On A ‘Path To Defeat’ – He Didn’t Take The News Well

Top campaign advisers recently met with Donald Trump at the White House and warned him that internal polling shows he will very possibly lose the 2020 election, according to The New York Times, and Trump didn’t take the news very well:

“In a recent meeting with his top political advisers, President Trump was impatient as they warned him that he was on a path to defeat in November if he continued his incendiary behavior in public and on Twitter.

“Days earlier, Mr. Trump had sparked alarm by responding to protests over police brutality with a threat that ‘when the looting starts, the shooting starts.’

But rather than listen to the very same people he pays lots of money to for strategic political advice, the Times notes, Trump insisted that he had no choice but to continue down the road of apparent self-destruction:

“’I have to be myself,’ he replied, according to three people familiar with the meeting. A few hours later, he posted on Twitter a letter from his former personal lawyer describing some of the protesters as ‘terrorists.'”

Some of those aides were said to be so worried by Trump’s reaction that he doesn’t actually want a second term in office and is trying to sabotage himself as a way to guarantee he doesn’t get reelected:

“(Trump) ‘is acting trapped and defensive, and his self-destructive behavior has been so out of step for an incumbent in an election year that many advisers wonder if he is truly interested in serving a second term.'”

Given Trump’s massive ego, it seems hard to believe he would actually be working to make sure he loses to Joe Biden, but anything is possible with a person as unstable as Donald Trump.

Trump has never been capable of doing the job of president. His entire career suggests that. When beaten, he sues. When a deal goes bust, he files for bankruptcy. When he sees he can’t win an election, he cheats.

The current resident of the White House is unqualified for the job he holds. He needs to be sent into retirement, and then to prison.

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