Trump And His Senior Advisers Celebrated The Tear Gassing Of Protesters In D.C.

On Monday evening, not long after Donald Trump made the decision to have police use tear gas, flash-bang grenades, and other force against peaceful protesters in Lafayette Park, the president and his entourage made their way to St. John’s Church so he could hold up a Bible and pretend he gave two fucks about religion or the teachings of Christ.

But once Trump was back at the White House, he and some of his senior aides were celebrating what they had just done, no doubt delighting in their bringing the United States even closer to fascism.

According to Jonathan Swan of Axios:

“One senior aide was exuberantly telling friends the photograph of (Trump) holding a Bible in front of the church that had been attacked by vandals was an ‘iconic’ moment for the president.”

Even more disturbing is that the violent paramilitary attack on the protesters in the nation’s capital was planned and conducted so the president could try and counter reports that last Friday he’d been taken to an underground bunker by the Secret Service when protests neared the White House. That led to embarrassing hashtags (#BunkerBoy, #BunkerBitch) being spawned on Twitter, reportedly enraging Trump:

“A number of people reached out directly to the president or his top aides to tell them, with great urgency, that he needed to be seen. They saw signs on Twitter that the conservative base was turning against him, with the question: ‘Where is Trump?'”

In other words, it was all about the optics. Don’t like the narrative? Change it with some iron fist policing that will refocus the nation as they also recoil in horror.

But not everyone inside the administration was pleased with the show of force that felt to many Americans like Trump had just declared war on the populace:

“A senior White House official told Axios that when they saw the tear gas clearing the crowd for Trump to walk to the church with his entourage: ‘I’ve never been more ashamed. I’m really honestly disgusted. I’m sick to my stomach. And they’re all celebrating it. They’re very very proud of themselves.'”

They were celebrating and proud of having attacked a group of peaceful protesters who simply want to see positive change in their country! Donald Trump met hope with hatred. And in doing so, he further alienated himself from the vast majority of the voters who will decide his fate in just five months.

Trump may have have held aloft a Bible on Monday at St. John’s, but his actions were pure evil.

2 thoughts on “Trump And His Senior Advisers Celebrated The Tear Gassing Of Protesters In D.C.

  1. Big brave Bilious Barr -and as for the bravery of a spur!of the moment thought given out by Hope! such a bizarre optic, When King of the Klowns had to remove any person that breathed any where near the big brave Apes… What a disgrace. They looked like it was an advertisement for some giggles show. Pity it is a serious act from all people that care about each other. How ridiculous that the world has to watch so many idiots in power. Bet he was glad to let go of the Word of God. What a bunch of misfits standing at the church. AS for the General. that is turning war machines on The very People he is serving leaves me — Kiwi gasping…. If this is more of what we can expect for the next 6 mths wasting precious time We will have too once again say What a useless show of ignorance and buffoonery Trump stands for everything that stinks in our world. At least he has exposed what evil resides in the world and good men and women, Brothers and Sister of our world can do something to change the course of history Through Love and Acceptance of each other. I adore my rainbow brothers and sisters and abhor White supreme idiots that love to lie and take what does not belong to them Even power…….

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