Trump Tosses Pence Under The Bus – Blames Possible Crimes On Vice President

Vice President Mike Pence just found out the hard way that Donald Trump has absolutely no loyalty to anyone, and the result could wind up getting Pence charged with crimes and booted from the 2020 ticket.

Last week when Pence stayed at Trump’s golf resort in Ireland, all hell broke loose because it appeared that Trump had ordered Pence and his entourage to stay at the golf club so the Donald could pocket some tidy change courtesy of the American taxpayers.

But now Trump is blaming Pence for the decision, in essence putting his vice president in harm’s way in a legal sense. And of course Trump did so via Twitter:

However, Pence’s spokesperson Marc Short said that Trump had suggested Pence stay at his golf club in Ireland:

“I don’t think it was a request, like a command ​… I think that it was a suggestion.”

Trump also weighed in on the growing scandal regarding Air Force planes that refueled at an airport which serves his Scottish golf resort at Turnberry, and once again he tried to shift the blame from himself even though he’s the one that benefits if that airport remains open:

As we’ve come to realize in the three years Donald Trump has been president, you can automatically assume that his all caps denial that it has “nothing to do” with him means it has everything to do with him and was probably all his idea.

But the larger issue is how Trump deliberately passed the buck directly at Pence when it comes to the Doonbeg golf club scandal, which two House committees have already said will be investigated.

Trump is already facing an impeachment inquiry from the House Judiciary Committee, and it looks like he’s willing to destroy Pence if that’s what it takes to divert attention from his own crimes.

Donald Trump demands absolute loyalty from everyone who works for him. But as the two tweets above prove, everyone is expendable when it comes to Trump. What he just did to Pence suggests his family and friends should be worried, too. He’s probably going to throw them under the bus with Mike Pence in the near future if that’s what it takes to save his own hide.

One thought on “Trump Tosses Pence Under The Bus – Blames Possible Crimes On Vice President

  1. Trump said that himself a long time ago…that if he ever ran for president he would run Republican because they’re stupid…
    He’s been proven right about that….idk how anyone would believe anything he says….every time he opens his mouth it’s a lie

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